The Half Dollar JFK 1964: A Collector’s Dream

The Half Dollar JFK 1964 is a highly sought-after coin for collectors. It was issued in 1964 to commemorate the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The coin features a portrait of Kennedy on the obverse, and the Presidential Seal on the reverse. It was the first coin to feature a President who had been assassinated.The Half Dollar JFK 1964 is a popular coin among collectors due to its historical significance. It is also a rare coin, with only around 6 million minted. This makes it a valuable coin, with some examples selling for thousands of dollars.Collectors looking to add the Half Dollar JFK 1964 to their collection should be aware of the coin’s rarity and value. It is important to purchase the coin from a reputable dealer, and to have it authenticated by a professional. This will ensure that the coin is genuine and will help to protect its value.The Half Dollar JFK 1964 is a unique and valuable coin for collectors. With its historical significance and rarity, it is sure to be a prized addition to any collection.

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