The 1898 American Silver Dollar: A Collector’s Guide

The 1898 American Silver Dollar is a highly sought-after coin for collectors. It was minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Orleans and is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. The obverse of the coin features a bust of Lady Liberty with the words ‘Liberty’ and ‘1898’ inscribed. The reverse of the coin features an eagle with a shield on its chest and the words ‘United States of America’ and ‘One Dollar’ inscribed. The 1898 American Silver Dollar is a popular coin for collectors due to its age and rarity. It is estimated that only 1.2 million coins were minted in 1898, making it a rare find. The coin is also popular due to its historical significance. It was minted during a period of economic growth in the United States and is a reminder of the country’s past. The value of the 1898 American Silver Dollar depends on its condition. Coins in good condition can be worth hundreds of dollars, while coins in poor condition can be worth much less. It is important to have a professional coin dealer evaluate the coin to determine its value. The 1898 American Silver Dollar is a popular coin for collectors due to its age, rarity, and historical significance. If you are looking to add this coin to your collection, it is important to have it evaluated by a professional coin dealer to determine its value. With proper care and maintenance, this coin can be a valuable addition to any collection.

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